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My career began with a prayer and a powerful suit. Every step I took was nerve-wracking, but I was armored with a tailored navy suit and polished pumps. That outfit became more than just clothes; it was my armor, instilling me with the confidence to showcase my skills and expertise to the world. It wasn't just about looking the part; it was about feeling it – feeling invincible, unstoppable.


In the world of fashion, Fathia Y.P. Savory is not just a stylist; she truly believes in helping women feel confident and empowered from the inside out. As the founder of Fathia Savory, fashion consulting firm, Fathia brings over 10 years of unparalleled expertise through styling women. 

Fathia's journey into the world of styling was sparked by a genuine passion for fashion and an innate desire to serve and uplift others. With over fifteen years of rich and diverse industry experience, she is a strategic partner who thoughtfully guides clients in making impactful decisions about their image.

Fathia holds a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Design and a B.S. in Marketing from North Carolina A&T State University, she blends creativity with strategic acumen. Fathia also completed Image Consulting coursework at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, a testament to her dedication to staying at the forefront of the styling industry.


Beyond her role as a stylist, Fathia wears the hat of a dedicated stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. This unique perspective allows her to intimately understand the challenges of the busy professional lifestyle, making her an ideal partner for executives and entrepreneurs seeking a harmonious fusion of style and substance.

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