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Music Video Maya Elizabeth June 2016

Having a baby takes a major toll on your body. After I had my first child Fathia was there to help me regain confidence in myself and embrace my new body. She took the time to ensure that I would be presenting the best look for my body type and personality. She helped me to gain the confidence needed to step out of my comfort zone. Fathia is very knowledgeable, open and honest. I would recommend her services to anyone! Visit her at


K. Gibson

December 2015

"I am waaaay overdue in giving a shout out to my AMAZING personal stylist Fathia Savory . She spent hours with me as we went through my closet one Saturday afternoon. She has an eye for fashion, but more importantly a skill for how to use one's color palette, body type, and style preferences to develop a wardrobe and accessories that can be interchanged or individualized. She is also a personal shopper, and has updated my wardrobe with items from Gap, Anne Taylor Loft, JC Penney, Banana Republic, the Limited, etc, as well as exchanged or returned items that did not fit."Check her out at! You won't be disappointed👚👖 — with @FathiaSavory


Michele Williams

May 7, 2014

Check out my dear friend and Fashion Consultant!! I rarely take time to focus on fashion and my hubby picks out a lot of my clothes lol, but the tips Fathia shared with me have me feeling more empowered to select clothes that will compliment my body type:-)


T. Parker

April 5, 2014

Fathia came to my rescue during the destination wedding weekend of a mutual friend. I had packed in a rush, and brought 2 dresses, a pair of boots, and several disjointed pieces of jewelry as accessories. I felt awful about the outfit I planned to wear to the wedding. Even worse, I was so tired and overwhelmed that I had no idea how to fix it. Fathia went with me to the store, calmly walked through the aisles I had avoided for weeks (I hate shopping), and asked me a few very specific questions. Before I left the store that night, I had the perfect footwear, jewelry, and vision for what I would wear to the wedding... and I felt GREAT about it. It was a relief to have someone there with a gift for finding the right outfit to suit the occasion AND my personality. I refuse to shop again without checking in with Fathia first!



Nov. 24, 2013

I was spending too much time trying to coordinate my outfits; especially my casual wear. In addition, when I saw myself in pictures, I often did not like the way my clothes fit. I asked Fathia to help me so I could save time and increase my satisfaction with my wardrobe. At my initial appointment, Fathia was well prepared to walk me through the process of how to select clothing that fit my body type and the appropriate colors to wear. She used tools such as an online survey and her camera to train my eye. Once she showed me the basics, she let me practice by asking me to put on three of my favorite outfits. With each one, she made some suggestions. When the appointment was over, I had 3 coordinated casual outfits. It was a relief. She followed up by sending an email with her recommendations and some online sites where I can purchase some of the accessories needed to add color to my wardrobe. Overall, my experience was positive. Fathia was punctual, detail-oriented, fashion-conscious, non-judgmental, and a good listener. I would recommend her services to my friends.


L.D.H Jan. 9, 2014

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