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Oversized Hoodie

The oversized hoodie trend is sticking around, especially with the continued popularity of athleisure fashion. The hoodie is so warm and cozy… just a really comfortable garment. I am a firm believer that comfy clothes don’t have to be sloppy clothes. The look I created is a very effortless, yet still stylish outfit to throw on. The over the knee boots paired with the hoodie elevates the outfit to create a more chic look. Under the hoodie, I have on a pair of jean shorts.  

The hoodie was a great steal from the JC Penney clearance rack. I’m not above shopping the clearance rack, but at times it can be overwhelming, and you definitely have to be in the mood to hunt. There are still some great winter finds as retailers transition to spring/summer products. The boots are by Marc Fisher, and were also on sale, too! I love buying my boots at the end of season to catch a great deal. But, if you decide wait to wait, the sizes can be limited. The tote handbag is by Sole Society.


Spring 2018 Color Trends

It might still be winter but my mind is on spring, and warmer weather!


Red and pink color combination is still a big color trend for Spring 2018.  It’s funny how this fashion pairing has become widely accepted, when old fashion rules dictated that these colors should not be worn in large scale together. If you are up to breaking some rules, here is a simple way to translate this trend into your everyday outfit. Have fun and add your own style personality!

With this outfit, the look was built off the blush pink mules and blush pink cross body handbag. For the top I opted for some pop with this bright, kinda cherry tomato blouse. To balance the colors out and not go full on with this trend, I paired it with distressed boyfriend jeans.


Check out the "Top 12 Color Trends Spring 2018" to explore other ways to add color to your spring wardrobe. Stay tuned for more posts about spring fashion!

Red Blouse-The Loft // Boyfriend jeans- Gap // Mule Shoes- Velma A New Day Target // Chain Cross-body handbag- A New Day Target


Valentine's Day

By Fathia Savory


I don’t know exactly what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day this year. Last year I wasn’t feeling well, and my hubby ordered sushi and created a romantic private dining experience in my loft.

Whether you are hanging out watching a movie, dining with your BFFs, or spending time with your significant other, have a little fun with your outfit. Show yourself some love first, treat yourself. You deserve to look and feel amazing!

Here are a few outfit ideas for whatever you have planned, so you can celebrate in style! The outfit inspirations are festive with statement colors red and pink.


My red and black outfit details: Black Sleeveless Lace Crop Top- Zara // High Waisted Black Jeans-Foerver21 // Ankle Boots-Jeffrey Campbell // Red Wool-Blend Coat-KENDALL+KYLIE // Stud Earring- Kate Spade

Fathia Savory's personal shopping client excited to find a faux fur that fit in a popular retail store:

"I want the same experience as other shoppers. I walk by so many stores with styles that I love, but I know they don’t carry my size at all, or extended sizes are just online. I don’t want to be limited in quality and fashion.  Now, I’m realistic that some styles are not for every shape, but I want to look polished and put together and get frustrated when I’m limited. Retailers are slowly catching on by offering extended sizes in stores, and I truly hope they continue to embrace this underserved market."

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to great style, and the fashion industry is proving that to us more and more every day. After generations of being fed a standardized image of beauty by the fashion industry, designers are finally beginning to hear our cry for a more inclusive and diverse representation, especially when it comes to size and shape.


That’s why this past New York Fashion Week was the most size inclusive week yet. According to the Fashion Spot, there were 90 plus size model appearances on the NYFW runways. That’s a huge leap from the 26 plus size models who walked in Fall 2017 and the 16 who walked in Spring 2017. Part of the high rise in numbers was due to two plus size fashion brands, Torrid and Addition Elle, whose shows were responsible for the majority of the plus size castings. But, even excluding them, NYFW would have been left with 36 plus size appearances, which is still record-breaking.


This size inclusion hasn’t only been seen during NYFW. The popular Lifetime show, Project Runway, also took strides in a more inclusive runway with their latest season. The project runway cohost, Tim Gunn himself acknowledged that until now, the show, like the rest of the American fashion industry, historically hasn’t done much to exhibit or celebrate size inclusion. To remedy that, season sixteen’s contestants will be faced with a new challenge. Instead of working solely with straight-size models (size 0-8), designers will be expected to create outfits for a group of models between the sizes 0-22. Viewers are very excited to see this.


Which is important, because all women should have the opportunity to see that fashion is accessible to them, regardless of their size or shape. Because, the fashion industry, whether we like to admit it or not, holds a lot of power in terms of how consumers view themselves. So, in a way, when they add diversity to the roster, highlighting beautiful women of all different sizes and even races, it simultaneously promotes body positivity, self-confidence, and a healthier self-image within consumers. We all know that you can tell a young girl she’s beautiful, but if she never sees an image of beauty in the mainstream media that is similar to her own, she may grow up finding it difficult to believe. That’s what representation does for people. It allows them to see themselves in a certain light that otherwise would be difficult to imagine due to the constant messages that have already been sent.


So, I’m excited to see that fashion brands are consciously deciding to showcase their products with a wider variety of beautiful women. And, I’m hopeful that this trend will continue to spread a celebration of diversity throughout all areas of fashion, and beyond. Because every size, shape, and ethnicity deserves to have great style catered directly to them. After all, fashion is one size fits all, not the other way around. 



Tai, Cordeila. “Diversity Report: Every Runway at New York Fashion Week Featured at Least 2

Models of Color for Spring 2018.” TheFashionSpot, 21 Sept. 2017,


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Models.” SELF, SELF, 14 Aug. 2017,

"So, in a way, when they add diversity to the roster, highlighting beautiful women of all different sizes and even races, it simultaneously promotes body positivity."



GHOE is almost here! Each year, I look forward to seeing old classmates, friends, and family. Homecoming is filled with day/night parties, a football game, concerts, dining, etc. Preparing for homecoming can be overwhelming, especially when you know smart phones will be EVERYWHERE sharing each and every moment with millions on social media. You have to be camera ready at any moment. But wait, before charging or spending a ton of money on clothes, please be responsible! You don't have to break the bank on outfits for the weekend. To prove my point, I found several outfit options for the entire weekend all from Old Navy. You can mix and match items from your closet to complete your looks. Check out my fitting room selfies below! #GHOESLAYECONOMICS #AGGIEPRIDE







By Tyla Amanda


I can remember the day I fell in love with boots. I was in grade school, and it was a “wear your own clothes day”. A classmate came into school sporting a pair of bright white gogo boots with transparent kitten heels to go with her pleated mini skirt and velvet news boy hat. I took one look at her outfit and decided I needed those boots. I spent much more time than the average eight-year-old would have, searching for an identical pair, which I regretfully never did find. But that search process completely opened my young eyes to the wonders of the boot industry. I’ve been in love ever since, and I’ll tell you why.


It's because solid pairs of boots are like the man every woman hopes to marry. They are constant (boots have always and will always be in style in some shape or form), but they are also consistently evolving into the next best version of themselves. The right pair of boots will support you, help you feel confident and sexy, walk with you on your journey through life, and be 100% dedicated to you (unless of course, you have sisters who steal your shoes). But seriously, the world of boots has so many styles to offer this season that everyone should be able to find their own special pair.


So, here are some styles to look out for starting with booties. These boots are kind of like a cross between boots and shoes. The shaft doesn't extend past the ankle, making them great shoes for summer to fall transition weather. Because of this, you can rock a pair of booties with anything from a bouncy t-shirt dress to jeans and a thick sweater. Sock boots are another pair of boots that are great for transitional weather. They have 







When the weather finally settles into its chill, scrunched boots and over the knee boots are a great option to help keep you warm and cute. Scrunched boots have fabric that slouches over the calf, while over the knee boots extend at or above the knee cap. Both styles look amazing with big comfy sweater dresses, which works out nicely because they can also keep your legs warm with out necessarily having to wear pants. Although you may want to wear tights or leggings underneath.


One thing that’s great about boots is that they can be the statement piece that completes your outfit. Especially if they have their own unique twist. For example, embroidered boots have decorative details like floral designs that draw the eye right to them. Embellished boots with decorative details like feathers, spikes, and crystals also have the same effect. Because they're so bold, you can go for a more simplistic outfit. Something like a solid color turtle neck and your favorite skinny jeans to tuck inside would be a perfect outfit. And, if you're skeptical about walking around in boots with heels, but you still want the extra inches, any of these boot styles could be found with chunky block heels, which are super trendy, and much easier to walk in! So, there’s no excuse for you not to find the boots of your dreams this season. 


fitted fabric that hugs the ankles, and they can be worn a multitude of ways. While it's still semi-warm, you could wear them with a distressed denim skirt and a lace-up graphic tee, or go for a dressier look with a leather skirt and button up dress shirt. When it's colder outside you can bundle up with a wool coat, and your favorite pair of jeans.




By Tyla Amanda


   It’s almost time for Fall, and I couldn't be more excited! Soon the leaves will change color, the air will be crisp, the smell of pumpkin bread will fill the kitchen, and most importantly Fall Fashion will commence! There is honestly nothing like sweater weather. It's comfy, cozy, and cute. But, you may be looking at your fall clothes from last year thinking your closet is a little drab. Well, don’t worry. I have a few tips to help you spice it up, without buying a whole new wardrobe.

    You’ll only need to add a few statement pieces to revamp your fall wardrobe, starting at the bottom with a new pair of boots. I buy at least one new pair of boots every year, but that’s because I’m a boot addict with a very serious problem. You don’t have to get a new pair every year, but if you don’t have some already, you should definitely have at least one pair of casual brown boots, and one pair of casual black boots. I’d recommend you go for a classic riding boot style in either of those colors. They go with anything from dresses and tights to sweaters and leggings, they're easy to slip on, and they never go out of style so they're a great investment. But, if you already have those essentials, you could spice up your closet with a flirty embroidered bootie or some funky velvet knee-highs to really make a statement.

    One of the greatest things to pair with boots is a sleek pair of dark wash denim. Lately, I've been extra in love with dark wash jeans that have a little bit of highlighting around the thighs and bottom to make your legs look tone and give your booty a little lift. A rising trend in the denim scene this year has been floral embroidery. It may seem like flowers are for the spring time, but why limit yourself? You could totally pair some embroidered jeans with a sleek, form fitting turtle neck and a pair of booties, or you could pair them with a cropped sweater over a white button up and some pumps to rock these jeans in the fall.

    The most important article of clothing you'll need to refresh your wardrobe is an outer layer you can take on and off because the weather can be incredibly fickle in the fall. Some great options for outerwear include bomber jackets, leather jackets, faux fur vests, single breasted wool over-coats for colder days, and my personal favorite, sweater wraps. Sweater wraps are an easy go to for adding extra pizazz to any basic fall look. Pair one with your new jeans, your riding boots, and a wool floppy hat, and you’ll be good to go for any fall day! 

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