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And we have a winner! I team up with two amazing lady bosses to provide a mommy closet makeover, Di Ter Avest and Fabi Maranho. The closet makeover was just in time for spring cleaning.  Here are a few quick tips that guided our time. We had such an amazing time and I think the pictures of our lucky momma and her family capture the day. It was a pleasure styling the family for their mini photo session.


Fathia Savory's Quick Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet:

  1. Stop… hold off on shopping some of your new favorite items that you see all over your social media feed

  2. Take items out of your closet by sections. Your goal is to take everything out of your closet. You need to see how much stuff you have, this will be the true test of “I have nothing in my closet to wear!"

  3. Exam the garment quality and wear. Is the item faded, fabric pilling, staines, any holes, etc.

  4. Sort the garments into sections keep and "get rid of". If you are limited in space you may need a store pile. In the "get rid of" pile you can sort into toss, donate, and sell. If you sell some items you can add money to your spring shopping budget. If you need to toss items there are few retailers that offer recycling programs.

  5. Try on items. Do the items fit well? Are the items from a past trend that you don’t see yourself embracing anymore? When is the last time your wore item?

  6. Make a list of wardrobe staples that are missing or need to be replaced from your wardrobe.

  7. Put all items back into your closet using your organization tools. Sort items by style and color.


Organization and Storage solutions that work well:

  • Wooden hangers make a statement and protect the form of the garment. Velvet slim hangers maximize hanging  space and help prevent clothing from slipping off.

  • Canvas boxes are excellent for storage. The fabric of the garment can breathe better with cotton storage. You can use the boxes for sweaters, shoes, etc.

  • Canvas garment covers can be used for evening gowns

For more information about our services, please see information below.


Fathia Savory is a Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe and Image Consultant. Our goal is to provide customized services so that you can embrace, embody, and enjoy your true self at every stage in life!


Di Ter Avest is a Professional Organizer with a passion for helping others.


Fabi Maranho is a family, newborn, maternity, couples, weddings and events photographer.




  • up to 30 minutes virtual consultation

  • complete style evaluation

  • help weeding out items

  • checklist of must have closet items

  • 3 hours of hands-on closet organization

  • donation drop off

  • SKUBB organizers and BUMERANG hangers from IKEA

  • 30 minutes photo session

  • 10 digital images

  • online photo gallery


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