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Revive your wardrobe and create effortless looks for your fall work wardrobe!

Fashion season is upon us! I don’t know if you follow fashion week/month, but I’ve been inspired as I approach the new season. It’s not necessarily the trends that have inspired me but the idea of getting dressed and feeling empowered to let my personality shine through. I see people having fun with fashion and you can too! As I think through the fall work wardrobe, below are three quick ways to get started

Dress Code Expectations

What are the current dress code expectations at work? I know some jobs had a more relaxed dress code for the summer season. Along with dress code expectations, what are your own expectations in regards to your executive presence? Make sure you understand your environment. The dress code might be more casual in day to day functions but when meetings or direct interactions with clients, your job might call for a more business professional outfit. Whether formal business attire or smart casual, you can always let your personality shine through accessories, patterns, and other small additions to create a great first impression and insight into your unique gifts.

Closet Edit

Ready for an instant change to your options? Try on clothing pieces that haven’t been worn recently. Some items I could wear last season do not fit right now, and that’s okay. If you are not ready to donate items that don’t fit, put them away for right now. I want you to have easy access to items that you can wear everyday. As you try-on items evaluate the condition of the garment… is it dingy, have holes, etc. Don’t be so quick to toss summer items to the back of your closet or in storage. You can transition into fall with your summer pieces through layering. You can take your cute summer jumpsuit or dress and put a turtleneck underneath it.


If you find gaps in your wardrobe, be prepared to order items online. While shopping in-store recently, the assortment levels were low and some specialty sizes are only available online. I encourage you to have a plan when shopping. When new seasons start, it is easy to get caught up with shopping the latest runway trends . Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of fun fall trends, such as maxi skirts and fancy flats. Before purchasing an item, determine how you can wear it with current items in your closet.

I’ve pulled together some great fall pieces that I think you are going to LOVE. Click the link to shop items or think of ways to use what you already have in your wardrobe. Don't forget to click on LOOKBOOK section to see how to style different items... effortless fall work wardrobe! For more information about styling services and how we can help you through this process, schedule a complimentary consultation. I want you to enjoy the fall season and your style!


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