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Beauty 360 Event Recap

Ashley Stewart and MG Beauty

Host Chardelle Moore // Partners: Keisha George and Fathia Savory

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Fashion and function

During my pregnancy with my son, I did not invest in a lot of maternity pieces. I was still able to put together stylish outfits without much of a hassle.   After I had my son, that was a different story. I slowly adjusted to my post pregnancy body, but my biggest challenge was putting outfits together that were accessible to breastfeed my son. After being pregnant, I was excited to wear some of my favorite items in my closet, but I was sadly disappointed. Most of those items just didn't work for breastfeeding. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed for more than a year, so I did the research. My breastfeeding journey with my son lasted almost three years. During those years I was able to pull looks together that were fashionable and functional. My experience has helped me work with some amazing moms during their breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding can be challenging on its own, and your clothes shouldn't add to that.


Last night, I was honored to style Jaclyn Small. She was the M.C. for Messiah Community Church's Gospel Concert featuring Fred Hammond, Tiffany Jeffers, and James Johnson. Whether you are a working mom, or stay at home mom... comfortable, functional, and stylish clothes are available for nursing mamas! Jaclyn wore a tank top that allowed for easy access to breastfeed her daughter throughout the evening. The animal print kimono style cardigan was a great layering piece, that added more dimension and attitude to her outfit. The kimono cardigan even helped to disguise small milk stains and was simple to adjust during feedings. The gold buckle belt cinched the kimono cardigan to create a more defined waist. The skinny denim jeans paired perfectly with the flowy silhouette of the kimono cardigan. The tie up wedge heels added a little edge and skin needed to complete the outfit.

Outfit details: Kimono cardigan: Fancyqube Amazon // Jeans: Luxe Essentials denim // Bra: HOFISH Seamless Nursing Amazon // Black tank top: White House Black Market // Shoes: Chinese Laundry

The power of networking and community

This past year, I really have embraced the importance of community and networking in growing my business. I attended events, but I wasn’t really an active participant. I didn’t  take full advantage of engaging people and learning more about my business community.  I made small, easy steps to engage more, like joining local Facebook groups, but I needed to step it up. I remember my younger brother telling me that “I need to put myself out there, and just do it!” My brother said this in response to a conversation about me feeling nervous and uncomfortable attending a networking event by myself. I was like “I won’t know anyone.” “I’m going to look crazy standing by myself.” In the past, I would drag my husband to events. My husband is a pro at networking and I hid behind his assertiveness.


My mindset and comfort level has shifted regarding attending these events. I am proud of myself. I have stepped out my comfort zone and I am actually enjoying it. It still have a little awkward moment at the beginning, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up. I have met some amazing women and made several connections.


The latest event that I attended was Baltimore Cake and Whiskey networking event at the Anthem House Apartments, hosted by Stephanie Bradshaw and Alpha Graphics. I loved my outfit for the evening. There is something about looking good that gives you that extra boost of confidence. The jumpsuit felt very retro with the wide legs. The neckline was bold with ruffles and a deep v-neckline. My favorite detail was the lace-up back. The multi-colored jumpsuit was a mix of linen and rayon that helped me stay somewhat cool during the humid evening.

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: AFRM Nordstrom

Earrings: Sugarfix Baublebar for Target

Black on black

Wearing black on black just looks so sexy, sophisticated, and luxurious. I love color, but I must be honest... maybe 1/3 of my closet is comprised of black items. Some people think wearing all black is dull and boring. (disclaimer: I do not suggest wearing black all the time, mix it up) The key to wearing black on black is the styling.  In this outfit, I mixed the fabrics. The top has a nice satin look to contrast the plain fabric of the wide-leg trousers. Also both pieces have nice details, the top with a lace v-neckline and buttons along the pockets of the trouser. Fit is also important in wearing all black. You don’t want to look like you are wearing a big trash bag. I love the straps of the cami, they are thin and adjustable… showing a little bit of skin. The high-waisted pants cinch my waist, show my curves, and elongate my legs. 


Outfit details:

Wide leg pants- Target Who, What, Wear//Slip Cami- Target Who, What, Wear

Summer at the office!

So… I found another great option for your summer work wardrobe. In my previous post, I gave a few tips about dressing professional during the summer.  This shirtdress is a nice item to keep in rotation this summer. Dresses sometimes just make things easier in the morning, just one piece. The style of this dress is simple and maybe a little more preppy with the stripes. The pockets are a nice detail, but my favorite detail is the back with the small cut-out. The midi length is perfect for the office. My shoe pairing may be a little too bold for a more conservative office environment. If you do decide to wear a really high heel a block heel might be a better option. The platform toe makes the shoe a little more comfortable to navigate the office. 


You can get multiple uses out of this dress for the summer by wearing it with flats or even as a coverup on the beach. The dress is 100% cotton, a breathable fabric, which really helps during those hot days.


Outfit details:

Dress: Target Who What Wear

Shoes: Jessica Simpson.

Stay cool and professional

The weather is heating up, but let’s stay cool and professional. Professional dress in the summer does not have to be complicated or boring. Some offices even have a more relaxed dress code in the summer. Be sure to be knowledgeable of your company policy regarding your wardrobe and overall personal presentation.


For this look, I picked a sleeveless button blouse.  I like this option because the shoulders are not completely exposed. If you decide to go with a thinner strap you can pair it with a lightweight breathable cardigan sweater, vest, or blazer. I would actually keep a blazer or cardigan on hand in the office to combat the frigid air conditioning, or for a meeting that might call for a more polished look. The bow is a nice added detail on the blouse. But let’s talk color… ORANGE! Sometimes I get trapped in wearing black and neutral colors. The summer is a great time to add that pop of color. You don’t have to go too crazy with bright colors. You can pair a bright color with a neutral pant, like I did in my outfit.  My bottoms are a slim grey ankle pant. Grey is a nice switch up, if you typically wear black bottoms. The ankle pant is my preferred length over a capri cut. I continued the grey color to my shoes to create a continuous line.

Some other things you might want to consider:

  1. Will this garment show my sweat stains? 

  2. Is my neckline workplace appropriate?

  3. Does my skirt hemline rise to an uncomfortable length when I sit down?

  4. Can I walk in my shoes?

  5. Can I navigate the workday without tugging, pulling down, or adjusting my outfit?


Most importantly embrace your personal style while being professional in your office!

Outfit details:

Blouse: JCPenney Worthington

Pants: Loft Julia Slim Fit 

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Briefcase: gift

One jumpsuit multiple looks

A month or so ago, I purchased a black utility zip jumpsuit. Whenever I purchase new items, I always evaluate the cost per wear and its versatility.  The cost per wear is a method used to determine whether an item is a good investment piece. The jumpsuit was originally priced at $89.50, then marked down to $79.99 with 40% bringing the subtotal to $47.99. So far, I have worn the jumpsuit two times so my cost per is $24.00. I’m certain I will probably wear it at least four more times this summer, and even into the fall, lowering my cost per wear even more. Even though my item was on sale, don't let full price quality pieces scare you.  A full price quality item could have a better cost per wear, than a cheaper version. The better quality one will last longer verses only getting a few wears out of the cheaper version, only to replace.


As I mentioned earlier versatility is another factor that goes in to my purchase decision. How many ways can I wear my purchase? The decision to purchase the jumpsuit wasn't hard for me. The design is simple and the color is neutral. In the picture I styled the jumpsuit two ways, but so many more outfits can be created:

Outfit ideas

jumpsuit and sneakers

jumpsuit  and lightweight scarf

jumpsuit and denim jacket 

The less trendy the better cost per wear and versatility.



Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: Loft

Blazer: HM

Shoes: Jessica Simpson 

Backyard BBQ style

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is kind of the unofficial start to summer. What is summer without a backyard barbecue or cookout? I had so much fun hanging out with two other families on a beautiful sunny Saturday. Food, friends, fun, and fashion… what more can a girl ask for, all of my favorites!

During this cookout and most, you stay outside pretty much the entire time. I try not to go too crazy about finding the perfect outfit, but I want it to be comfortable and fun. I am however, particular about the fabric selection. I prefer a fabric that is breathable, so I don’t have to worry about sweating and sweat staines. A few breathable fabrics are cotton, linen, and chambray.  For shoes, I would opt for something that is easy to walk in the grass, and comfortable to stand in for long periods. Shoes that are great options for a cookout are wedges, flats, sneakers, or  block heels. If your cookout transitions into evening you might want to bring a light jacket.

During the BBQ, I felt really comfortable and stylish in my denim wide leg jumpsuit. I love the off the shoulder ruffle neckline. For shoes, I went with a flat sandal. My shoes really weren't noticeable with my wide leg pant. Usually my necklaces are simple but I found this gorgeous neutral statement piece.

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx

Sandals: Sam Edelman

Necklace: Sassanova of Baltimore