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I didn't have much time in putting this together (my friend had a fashion emergency), so I used some unconventional methods and supplies.  I used a headband, flowers, decorative mesh, stapler, sissors, and a prayer. The two flowers already had clamps attached to them so I just used the clamps to attach to the headband.  I will try to make this headpiece again with other materials.






















I attended an awesome retreat and made these simple yet stylish flip flops. This DIY project is an easy way to create stylish flip flops with your own unique style.  It some cases it might be cheaper than those ornate designs in stores.


  1. Select a flip flop you want to decorate.

  2. Choose your bling or other accessories to decorate flip flop.

  3. Carefully use a hot glue gun to apply jewels, beading, or bows. 

  4. Allow glue to cool and dry.





  1. Select a t-shirt with a cool design.

  2. Choose wording and placement.

  3. Cut parchment paper and place between shirt.  Helps prevent marker bleeding through to other side.

  4. Write wording usinig "Stained" by Sharpie, a fabric marker.

  5. Use hot iron to set wording.





I love projects, and this project fits right in with the SPRING 2014 fringe trend.  It is very easy to create this cool accessory.  I found an old t-shirt that I didn't wear anymore.  Follow these six easy steps:


  1. Pick out a t-shirt (You can also use a maxi dress, and cut out two sections to layer fringe with two pieces)

  2. Cut horizontally just below the armholes

  3. Cut vetical slits on the raw edge of t-shirt (The raw edge is from the vertical cut)

  4. Continue vertical slits all the way across

  5. Pull slits to stetch and add shape

  6. Style with a shirt




I found these Jessica Simpson shoes at a discount store.  One shoe was missing the ankle strap.  I searched the shoe section to find the missing strap.  I had no such luck in finding, and put the shoes back.   I circled back and purchased for a special style project.

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