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How Bright Is Your Light?

Sometimes you need to get away to gain perspective. I had the pleasure of attending a retreat with my women’s group from church. We had three great sessions mixed in with other activities over the course of a few days. Our last session ended with the below topic and scripture:

How Bright Is Your Light?

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

This scripture made me think about how others see me. When I die, what will others say about me? I went to two funerals a few weeks ago, and during the time of remembrance people had so many kind words to say about the deceased. But, it wasn’t the kind words that stood out to me... what stood out were the stories people shared about the deceased sharing their faith with others, and giving the glory to God in all that they did.

In all that I do, do people see Christ in me? Am I giving all the glory to God? Sometimes we do a great job of pretending to be what we want others to think we are. But God sees through all that… He sees our true heart. In my inner most being I want others to see Christ in me. For Christ to be in me, I have to be a student of the Word. Reading the bible isn't just enough in understanding and learning, I have to be in communication and relationship with Christ. The other part of being a student of the bible is applying what I learn to my daily life and all my decisions. When I do all these things consistently, I am living out Matthew 5:16. I have to make the decision each day to not let my light go out, fade, flicker, etc.

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