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FREE Guide to less stress with swimwear 🩱 🩳 👙(Includes: shoppable swimsuit guide)

Your Quick Guide to finding the perfect swimwear!

Are you stressed just thinking about shopping for swimwear?

Swimwear has a reputation of being one of the hardest things to purchase next to jeans. We’ve all had a stressful experience at one point when trying to find the perfect swimsuit! Often, it’s an experience where so many people have just settled for a swimsuit that got the job done but they didn’t love how they looked in it. That doesn’t have to be you.

Mindset and What’s Important

When shopping for swimwear, the most important thing is to find options you love and that make you feel confident. It can be hard to feel confident with less clothes and more skin showing! To help combat insecurities we need to get to know our body and how to find clothes that fit our current shape and accentuate what we desire. We might need to even shift our mindset from outdated harmful rules that perpetuate body shaming.

As we are getting into the right mindset to purchase swimwear you want to consider whether you want to shop online or in person. For my clients and myself, it’s been more beneficial to purchase swimsuits online. There is a greater selection of styles and sizes online. It also offers the convenience and comfort of trying multiple options at home.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know to have a successful swimwear shopping experience!


Before you start shopping, take your measurements to help with selecting the right swimsuit size. When purchasing online most retailers will have size charts. The key measurements are bust, waist, and hips.

There are so many different styles of swimsuit options. In selecting the style it is important to note the functionality of the particular styles. When you consider your top, what feels comfortable and what is your desired look. Full bust may want to consider a top with more support. This is where your strap options come into play: a string strap, a thick strap, halter strap, etc.

swimsuit styles, swim guide,
Swimsuit styles

swimwear, swimsuit, bathing suit, swim guide
Swimsuit Styles

Fabric The most common material for swimwear is a combination of polyester, nylon and lycra or elastane. Natural fibers are not often used in swimwear. Natural fibers tend to lose shape and retain water, and may take longer to dry. When selecting a fabric consider the print, weight, and sheerness. With technology you also have the ability to choose UV options. Activity Level When you wear your swimsuit what will you be doing? Are you participating in water sports, sun bathing, sitting in a hot tub, etc. When using a hot tub you might want to wear a less expensive or favorite swimsuit. The hot water breaks down the fibers and elastics. Quality Like most garments the quality can be found in the details not necessarily the pricing. How is the item constructed, how does the stitching look? Are there loose threads? Does the garment return to shape when stretched? Do a recovery test by pulling the fabric in different directions. Another detail to consider is lining. A fully lined swimsuit offers better support and tends to last longer. It also makes the suit not see through. Care Once you find the perfect swimwear you want to make it last. After you wear your swimsuit you should rinse with cold water. You want to remove sea salt, chlorine, and sunscreen which can damage the garment over time. Hand wash your swimsuit and lay flat to air dry. You don’t have to go through this process alone. I am here to help take the frustration out of finding the perfect swimsuit for you. The weather is warming up and now is a great time to get the process started. Click the link here to schedule your free consultation.


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