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the greatest homecoming on earth!

GAME DAY looks

the ultimate makeover


By Leah Hairston


"I had the pleasure of working with Leah Hairston, a recent college graduate.  I provided Leah with a closet evaluation and personal shopping services.  The goal of our time together was to create a more polished and professional look.  During our time together Leah shared about her personal journey and struggles transitioning to a new season... post graduation.   I asked Leah to share a little about her journey in hopes to encourage others.  While our time proved to be very benefical to our fashion goals, what took place spiritually, during her transition was the ulitmate makeover. "

--Fathia Y.P. Savory

I was rejected from each of the PhD programs to which I had applied. I became overwhelmed by my hectic schedule and vainly tried to control any aspect of my life, or Howard legacy, I thought I could. Word to the wise: When life spins out of control, let it and cling to Jesus. Nevertheless, I graduated and moved home, breaking a vow I had previously made to myself in arrogance. I felt incredibly discouraged.  I had accomplished so much, but now it all seemed for naught. I was another of those living-at-home-at-21 college graduates. My foreseeable future was bleak with no money, no job, and no graduate school prospects. I neglected to remember, or maybe cherish, the intangible gifts I did have, whose value I now realize is far greater than what I “lacked”.


God sent me into a desert season in order to humble me, and test my reliance on Him when waves rise. In the 3 short months since graduation, God has begun increasing my ability to give Him total control and trust His sovereign will.  He knew I needed to come home; partially to have boundaries for the impassioned enigma of post-graduation, and partially to continue maturing. His methods included pensively sunbathing on foreign beaches, verbally declaring my adult independence, battling with submissiveness in my new life stage, discerning when to be silent, and addressing my juvenile, oversized wardrobe. 

After graduating from Howard University, I took time to celebrate the close of a period in my life. Feelings of excitement and apprehension consumed me interchangeably. I finished college with honors, but I did not know what was next. My plans had been crossed off like a tic-tac-toe board. In May, my perceived opponent was God and I did not much care for his sense of humor. I had entered my final year of college eager to attend to my dorm residents, apply to graduate school and join the communal boasting about “graduating senior” status. After 3 years, God chose to humble my swollen ego.



By no means am I a finished product. God still has a lot of work to do on me, and I still ask constant fashion related questions. I declare proudly, however, that I am changing. At the very least, I am fashionably, and contentedly resting in God’s sovereign will.




s/s 2015



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I share so much about my life, including my faith, but I wanted to create a dedicated space to encourage others.  I hope these resources and my personal journey are a blessing to you, and more importantly encourage you to have personal relationship with Christ. Click "my journey"


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