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I hope you enjoy THE SAVORY STYLE REPORT. I will feature entries from fashion to random things that are of interest to me.  Please share your thoughts and topics that you would like for me to explore.


November 24, 2013


Black Friday is almost here, and there are about four weeks left until Christmas! The past few years several retailers opened on Thanksgiving Day, and even more retailers will be open this year.  Here are a few quick tips if you plan to take on the crowds.


1.  Have a budget and stick to it!


2.  Research items you plan on purchasing.  Read consumer reviews and reports. Historically some items are cheaper to purchase closer to Christmas or even after.


3. Compare prices... If you find a cheaper price from another store, ask for a price match.


4. Prioritize shopping based on doorbuster/early bird deals.


5. Review store return policy and get gift receipts. 



November 1, 2013


PUMPKINS have invaded the market.  I am personally a sweet potato kind of gal. My mother makes the best sweet potato pie.  But, I must admit with all the pumpkin products out there, I might become a fan.  I certainly do love the color against my skin.  I hope to find a pumpkin sweater and scarf this season.  But how do I know if this color is the right color for my skin tone?  Choosing the right color for your skin tone can competely change how an outfit or garment looks on you.  Schedule an appointment today and complete a color anaylsis to  find out if you're a pumpkin girl!




Please come out and join us for our launch event at a unique resale boutique. You can shop and support an amazing cause.  


Ruth's Closet


Every purchase, 100% of the profit, helps support victims of domestic violence in the Maryland area.


This enterprise developed by the House of Ruth Maryland offers high quality, new and gently worn women's clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Staffed primarily by dedicated volunteers, 100% of the revenue generated will fund programs to help victims of domestic violence and their children rebuild their lives safely and free of fear.


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